Fliying to Maamigili is easy!

As the tourism in the Maldives has considerably increased, there is nowadays a lot of companies flying to Male Ibrahim Naseer International Airport, in one single direct flight or with a simple connection.

Domestic Flights from Male to Maamigili
Domestic flight US $ 165 per person and operates 4 flights or more every day – duration 20 minutes
(Flight which needs to be booked 4 days in advance) Payment for the flights need payed 4 days before departure on our account.
Schedules and price may change and is subject to availability. We strongly recommend to book in advance. All the fares includes pick up from Maamigili Harbor or domestic airport to guests house.

Need a flight?

For INTERNATIONAL flight bookings you can contact our German partner or

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Your contact is Thomas Grüning

+49 (0)175-1297839

International flight connections

from Germany

As there is over 10% of the visitors every year who come from Germany, there is several airlines that propose a direct flight. From Frankfurt (FRA), the airline Condor propose a direct flight 3 times a week during the high season, and twice a week during the low season (from May to October). The frequency of these flights depends on the time of the year. A flight from Germany to Male is about 10 hours long. There is also several airlines proposing indirect flights from Germany to the Maldives such as Emirates, Qatar and Etihad Airlines.

from Austria

For a direct flight, Austrian Airline propose you a 9 hours flight from Vienna (VIE) once a week, and twice during the high season. There is also several airlines that propose flights with a connection in some countrie such as the UK, Switzerland, Germany, the Unit Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia.

from Swizerland

Edelweiss Air propose 3 times a week a direct flight from Zurich (ZRH) to Male. The flight last around 9 hours. Among the several airlines proposing indirect flights with a conncetion in Europe, Middle East or Asia, you will find Emirates, Qatar, Oman Air.

from UK

The British visitors count around 17% of all the visitors in the Maldives. Several Airlines propose a direct flight. British Airways offers a direct flight from London Gatwick (LGW) 3 times a week. Thomson Airways has a flight to the Maldives from London Gatwick (LGW) once a week and from Manchester (MAN) once a week. The day of the week depends with the time of the year. Sri Lankan Airlines propose both direct and indirect flights to the Maldives every week from London Heathrow (LHR) to the Maldives (MLE). The indirect flights go via Colombo (Sri Lanka). The flights to the Maldives last around 10 hours and the flight back 11 hours. There is also several airlines proposing indirect flights with a connection in the Middle East or in Asia such as Emirates, Qatar.

from Russia

All the direct flights from Russia are charters flights and are seasonal, they are operated by Aeroflot and Transaero. The flights last around 8 hours and 20 minutes. For the scheduled flights, there will be a connection in the Middle East or in Asia (Sri Lankan Airlines, Qatar, Emirates…)

from Italy

All the direct flights from Italy are charters and operated by Blue Panorama Airlines, Allitalia, Meridiana (Eurofly) and Neos. Those flights are seasonal. For the scheduled flights you will have to do a connection in Europe, the Middle East or Asia (Emirates, Qatar, United Airlines). The flights from Italy last around 10 hours.

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