NEW: ENOS on board @ Sha-Mar Divers

The ENOS-System provides a speedy rescue – reliable and successful – since 2005, worldwide!

ENOS-Divers don’t have to wait long when they are swept away by currents! ENOS-Divers don’t drift helpless on the surface … anxious … if they become rescued or not …

Instead of that they inform their crew within seconds to initiate a prompt rescue.
Just a short time later they are safely back on board  –  even when the boat is far away and not visible!


  • Diving Diving Diving 😉
  • Snorkling
  • Stand-Up-Paddle
  • Kanu Single/Double
  • Badminton
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Bikini Beach
  • Night Fishing
  • BBQ
  • Experience the local culture of Maamigili
  • … and much more

NEW: Private Bikini Beach

Many of our female costumers want to enjoy the beach and the ocean wearing just a bikini. We make it possible – just relax on our Private Bikini Beach without breaking the rules of the Maldives.

Local Restaurants

Food is definitely a highlight of any trip to the Maldives.

We have our own Shamar Restaurant that serves you breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Maamigili offers an excellent selection of good value restaurants. You can find affordable eateries of both maldivian and international cuisines all across the island.

Local Shops

It’s no secret that we love Maamigili. Our local shops are a big part of our life on the island. So, let’s keep them going and give them our support. After all, it’s been documented that for every dollar you spend at local shops, more of that money stays invested in the community.


If you are visiting the island and become ill it is advised that you see a local doctor who will then be able to give you a prescription. Private and government run medical centres throughout the island. Maamigili has a very good standard of healthcare.

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